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Is Amazon Token on Coinbase?

It’s been a big year for, Inc. (NAsdaQ: AMZN). The company’s stock is up more than 50% in 2019, and it recently became the second company in the U.

S. to hit a $1 trillion market cap. Amazon is also making headlines for its plans to launch a new cryptocurrency, Amazon Coin.

The rumors about Amazon Coin first started circulating in early 2018. At the time, it was rumored that Amazon was working with JPMorgan Chase & Co.

(NYSE: JPM) and other major banks to launch a cryptocurrency that would be used on the Amazon website. However, those rumors were never confirmed and nothing came of them.

Then, in June 2019, Amazon filed a trademark application for the term “Amazon Coin” with the U.S.

Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The filing was first spotted by CNBC, which also reported that Amazon had applied for trademarks for the terms “Amazon Cryptocurrency” and “Amazon Virtual Currency.”.

NOTE: Warning: There is no Amazon Token available on Coinbase. Be aware of any false claims or promises suggesting the availability of such a token on the platform. Do not be misled by suspicious offers and always research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

The USPTO filings didn’t give any details about what Amazon plans to do with Amazon Coin, but it’s widely believed that the company is planning to launch a cryptocurrency that will be used on its website and possibly integrated into its Prime membership program.

So far, Amazon has not confirmed any plans to launch a cryptocurrency. However, the fact that the company has filed for three trademarks related to cryptocurrencies suggests that it is at least considering such a move.

If Amazon does launch a cryptocurrency, it would likely have a major impact on the crypto market. Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world, with a market cap of over $1 trillion.

It also has millions of active users on its website and millions of Prime members worldwide.

If even a small percentage of Amazon’s users started using Amazon Coin on the site, it could have a significant impact on demand for other cryptocurrencies. Given Amazon’s size and reach, it’s possible that Coinbase would list Amazon Coin if it launched.

However, Coinbase has not confirmed any plans to do so at this time.

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