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How Much Power Does It Take to Mine a Bitcoin Per ASIC Model?

The following is a list of approximate hash rates for different ASIC models. The table is based on data from BlockTrail.

ASIC Model Approximate Hash Rate (GH/s)

BitFury 16nm 55

AntMiner S9 14

Avalon6 3.5

How much power does it take to mine a Bitcoin using different ASIC models? This table shows the approximate power usage of different ASIC models when mining. The data is based on estimates from BlockTrail.

NOTE: WARNING: Mining for Bitcoin using an ASIC model is an intensive process that requires a lot of power. This process can potentially put a strain on your electricity bill and may even cause damage to your system if not done correctly. Therefore, it is important to understand the amount of power needed for each ASIC model before starting any mining operations. Additionally, it is recommended that users research the various models and their respective power requirements prior to investing in any mining hardware.

ASIC Model Approximate Power Usage (W)

BitFury 16nm 850

AntMiner S9 1350

Avalon6 1150

Different ASIC models require different amounts of power to mine a Bitcoin. The most efficient model, the BitFury 16nm, uses approximately 850 watts.

The least efficient model, the Avalon6, uses approximately 1150 watts.

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