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How Much Does KD Invest in Coinbase?

KD is a venture capital firm that has invested in companies like Coinbase, a digital currency exchange. Founded in 2013, Coinbase allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

KD first invested in Coinbase in 2013, when the company was valued at $106 million. In 2017, Coinbase was valued at $1.

NOTE: WARNING: Investing in Coinbase can be a high-risk activity. Please be aware that cryptocurrency investments are highly speculative and involve a significant degree of risk, including the potential for complete loss of your investment. Before investing, please research and understand the risks involved, and consult with a qualified financial advisor.

6 billion after raising $100 million in a Series C funding round. KD is reported to have made a 10x return on its investment in Coinbase.

While the exact amount KD has invested in Coinbase is unknown, it is clear that the firm has profited greatly from its early investment in the company. KD’s success with Coinbase highlights the potential for profit when investing in innovative startUPS.

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