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How Much Does Coinbase Pro Cost?

Coinbase Pro is a US-based exchange founded by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam. It is a digital asset exchange platform.

The company offers a secure place to buy, sell, store, and trade digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Coinbase Pro is designed for professional traders and provides an intuitive interface with real-time order books and charts.

NOTE: WARNING: Coinbase Pro is a digital currency trading platform that charges fees for buying and selling digital currencies. Fees vary depending on the currency being traded, your payment method, and other factors. Be sure to understand the fees associated with Coinbase Pro before engaging in any digital currency transaction.

Coinbase Pro charges a flat fee of $0.99 per trade. There are no deposit or withdrawal fees. Coinbase Pro does not charge any fees for maker trades.

A maker trade is a trade that adds liquidity to the order book. Taker trades are trades that take liquidity from the order book. Coinbase Pro charges a 0.1% fee for taker trades.

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