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How Much Bitcoin Does Michael Saylor Have?

As of September 2020, Michael Saylor is the CEO of MicroStrategy and one of the largest individual holders of Bitcoin, with over 91,000 BTC.

Saylor first learned about Bitcoin in 2013, when he started investigating it as a possible investment for his company. He continued to research Bitcoin and became convinced of its potential as a store of value.

In February 2020, MicroStrategy invested $250 million in Bitcoin. Saylor has said that he believes Bitcoin will eventually replace gold as the world’s reserve currency.

In August 2020, Saylor announced that MicroStrategy had purchased an additional $175 million worth of Bitcoin, bringing the company’s total investment to $425 million. The purchase made headlines, as it was the largest single purchase of Bitcoin by a publicly traded company at that time.

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Saylor has been an outspoken advocate for Bitcoin. He has said that he believes Bitcoin is “the most important invention since the Internet” and that it has the potential to “transform global economic power structures.”

Saylor’s investment in Bitcoin has paid off handsomely so far. MicroStrategy’s stock price has more than quadrupled since the company announced its initial investment in February 2020.

At current prices, Saylor’s 91,000 BTC are worth over $5 billion.

Michael Saylor is one of the most prominent advocates for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investing. His investment in Bitcoin has paid off handsomely, with his 91,000 BTC currently being worth over $5 billion.

Saylor believes that Bitcoin has the potential to replace gold as the world’s reserve currency and transform global economic power structures.

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