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How Many Transactions Can Bitcoin Handle Per Day?

It is estimated that Bitcoin can handle approximately seven transactions per second. In comparison, Visa can handle around 24,000 transactions per second. So, how many transactions can Bitcoin handle per day?

Assuming that the average transaction takes 10 minutes to confirm, then Bitcoin can handle approximately 144,000 transactions per day. However, the actual number of transactions that can be processed will depend on the size of each transaction and the number of confirmations that are required.

NOTE: WARNING: Transactions on the Bitcoin network are limited in terms of their maximum capacity. Currently, the network can only handle approximately 7 transactions per second, or about 230,000 transactions per day. This is a relatively low number compared to other payment networks such as Visa and Mastercard, which can process tens of thousands of transactions per second. Therefore, it is important to consider the limitations of the Bitcoin network when considering using it for large-scale payments.

In recent years, the number of daily transactions has been increasing steadily. As of writing this article, the number of daily transactions is around 300,000.

And as the adoption of Bitcoin grows, so will the number of daily transactions.

So, while Bitcoin may not be able to handle as many transactions as Visa right now, it is still capable of handling a large number of transactions. And as the technology continues to develop, we can expect Bitcoin to be able to handle even more transactions in the future.

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