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How Many Confirmations Does Coinbase Need?

When you make a transaction on the Bitcoin network, that transaction is then broadcast to all of the nodes on the network. Each node then validates the transaction, ensuring that everything is correct and that the person making the transaction has the necessary funds to do so.

Once a node has validated a transaction, it will then send that transaction to other nodes that it is connected to. The more nodes that have a copy of a particular transaction, the more secure that transaction becomes.

When you make a transaction at Coinbase, that transaction is first sent to our servers for validation. Once our servers have validated the transaction, they will broadcast it to the Bitcoin network.

NOTE: WARNING: Coinbase requires a minimum of six confirmations for deposits before the funds are available in your account. It is important to be aware that the time frame for these confirmations can vary depending on the network load and mining difficulty. Additionally, transactions that are sent with too low of a fee may take longer to confirm and may not be accepted by Coinbase regardless of the number of confirmations.

Depending on network conditions, it can take Coinbase up to 1 hour to receive enough confirmations for your transaction before it is considered complete. .

If you are sending Bitcoin to another wallet or exchange, we recommend sending a small amount first to ensure that everything is working as expected. Once you’ve confirmed that the receiving wallet or exchange accepts Bitcoin from Coinbase, you can then send larger amounts.

Coinbase requires 3 confirmations for transactions sent from your Coinbase wallet before they will be considered complete. This helps ensure that your funds are safe in the event of an attempted double spend or other attack on the Bitcoin network.

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