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How Many Bitcoin Did Ross Ulbricht Have?

In October of 2013, Ross Ulbricht was arrested for his involvement in the Silk Road marketplace. The Silk Road was an online black market that allowed users to buy and sell illegal drugs and other contraband using the Bitcoin digital currency.

At the time of Ulbricht’s arrest, the Silk Road had generated over $1.2 billion in sales and had earned Ulbricht a commission of 6% on all sales.

NOTE: This article is about the digital currency, Bitcoin, and its use in a criminal activity. It discusses the case of Ross Ulbricht, who was convicted for his involvement in a criminal enterprise that used Bitcoin to facilitate transactions. Please be aware of the risks associated with using digital currencies and be careful about any activities involving them. Additionally, this article should not be taken as legal advice and any use of it should be done with caution.

At the time of his arrest, Ulbricht’s personal Bitcoin wallet contained over 700,000 Bitcoins, which were seized by the FBI. These Bitcoins were worth over $140 million at the time of seizure and are now worth over $4 billion.

It is believed that Ulbricht acquired most of his Bitcoins through the Silk Road marketplace.

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