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How Long Do I Have to Wait to Log Into Coinbase Pro?

If you’re new to Coinbase Pro, you may be wondering how long you have to wait to log in. The answer is, it depends.

If you’re logging in with a new account, you’ll need to wait for your account to be verified. This process can take a few days.

NOTE: WARNING: Coinbase Pro has a login timeout of 12 hours. If you attempt to log in after this period, your account may be temporarily locked. Always log out when you are done using Coinbase Pro and don’t share your login credentials with anyone else.

Once your account is verified, you’ll be able to log in and start trading. However, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, if you’re making a deposit, it may take a few minutes for the funds to show up in your account. And second, if you’re placing an order, it may take a few minutes for the order to be filled.

So, while there’s no set answer to how long you have to wait to log into Coinbase Pro, it’s generally a good idea to allow for a few minutes when you’re first getting started.

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