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How Do You Instantly Send on Coinbase?

With Coinbase, you can easily and securely buy, use, and store cryptocurrency. You can also instantly send on Coinbase.

Sending cryptocurrency is a very easy process. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to instantly send on Coinbase:.

1. Log into your Coinbase account and go to the “Send/Receive” page.

2. Select the cryptocurrency you want to send from the “From” drop-down menu.

3. Enter the amount of cryptocurrency you want to send in the “Amount” field.

4. Enter the wallet address you want to send the cryptocurrency to in the “To” field.

You can also select a contact from your address book by clicking the “Contacts” button.

NOTE: WARNING: Instantly sending on Coinbase is not recommended, as it can be a risky process. Depending on the size of the transaction and the currency being used, you may experience delays or additional fees. Additionally, Coinbase does not offer any kind of buyer protection or refund policy for instantly sent payments, so please use caution when sending any amount of money through this service.

5. Click the “Preview Transaction” button.

6. Review the details of the transaction and click the “Send Now” button.

That’s all there is to it! Sending cryptocurrency is a very easy process with Coinbase.

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