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How Do I Use a CoinFlip Bitcoin ATM?

CoinFlip is the most user-friendly way to buy and sell Bitcoin. We offer the Lowest fees of any major exchange and our customer support is available 24/7.

With CoinFlip, you can buy Bitcoin with cash, or sell Bitcoin for cash. To buy Bitcoin, you will need to provide CoinFlip with your wallet address.

To sell Bitcoin, you will need to provide CoinFlip with your bank account information.

NOTE: WARNING: CoinFlip Bitcoin ATMs can be complex and intimidating to use. It is important to educate yourself on how to use the machine before attempting to do so. There are various risks associated with using a CoinFlip Bitcoin ATM, including the potential for fraud and theft. You may also incur significant fees. Please research thoroughly and contact customer service if you have any questions or concerns.

Once you have provided CoinFlip with your information, you will be able to select a CoinFlip ATM location near you. After finding a location, you will insert your cash into the ATM and receive Bitcoin in your wallet instantly.

To sell Bitcoin, you will select the amount of Bitcoin you would like to sell from your wallet and insert your bank account information into the ATM. The ATM will then dispense cash instantly.

CoinFlip is the easiest way to buy and sell Bitcoin. With our user-friendly interface and low fees, CoinFlip is the best way to get started with Bitcoin.

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