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How Do I Transfer My Portfolio Balance Coinbase?

It’s easy to transfer your portfolio balance from Coinbase to another platform. Just follow these steps:

1. Log into your Coinbase account and go to the “Portfolio” page.

2. Hover over the portfolio you’d like to transfer and click “Edit.”

3. In the “Transfer” section, select the platform you’d like to transfer your funds to.

4. Enter the amount you’d like to transfer and click “Submit.”

Your funds will be transferred within a few minutes.

NOTE: WARNING: When transferring portfolio balance from Coinbase, make sure you have the correct account information for the recipient. Before completing the transfer, double-check the amount of cryptocurrency you are transferring and ensure that your wallet address is correct. You should also be aware that transaction fees may apply and should factor this into your transfer amount. Additionally, once a transaction has been initiated it cannot be reversed so exercise caution when completing your transfer.

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