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How Do I Stop Bitcoin Spam Texts?

Bitcoin spam texts are a common occurrence these days. While there are many ways to stop them, the most effective method is to use a Bitcoin spam blocker.

A Bitcoin spam blocker is a piece of software that will block any incoming text messages that contain Bitcoin-related keywords. These keywords can be anything from “BTC” to “free bitcoins.”

NOTE: WARNING: Bitcoin spam texts are a common form of scam and should be avoided. Do not respond to any text message that appears to be related to Bitcoin, as it may be a scam. If you receive a suspicious text message, delete it immediately and do not follow any links or provide any personal information.

There are many different Bitcoin spam blockers available, but the most popular one is called “Blockchain’s Spam Filter.” This filter is available for free on the Google Play Store.

Once you have installed a Bitcoin spam blocker, all you need to do is add the keywords that you want to block. For instance, if you want to block all texts that contain the word “BTC,” you would simply add that keyword to your filter.

Once you have added all of the keywords that you want to block, your Bitcoin spam problem will be solved!.

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