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How Do I Sell My Bitcoin on Robinhood?

It’s easy to sell Bitcoin on Robinhood. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Log in to your Robinhood account and go to the trading page.

2. Select “Sell” from the list of options.

3. Enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to sell, or tap “Max” to sell all of your Bitcoin.

4. Tap “Sell” to confirm your transaction.

That’s it! Once you’ve confirmed your transaction, the proceeds will be deposited into your Robinhood account in cash. You can then use that cash to buy other investments, or withdraw it to your bank account.

NOTE: WARNING: Trading Bitcoin on Robinhood is risky and can lead to significant losses if markets move against you. As such, it is important to understand the risks involved and have a solid plan before getting started. Additionally, Robinhood charges fees for trades which should be taken into consideration before making a trade. Finally, make sure that you are familiar with the process of transferring Bitcoin from your wallet to Robinhood as well as how to initiate a sale of Bitcoin on the platform.

If you’re new to Robinhood and don’t yet have a Bitcoin balance, you can still sell Bitcoin. Just follow the same steps above and enter the amount of cash you want to receive for your Bitcoin.

Robinhood will then convert the cash into Bitcoin and deposit it into your account.

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