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How Do I Pay a QR Code With Binance?

Today, more and more businesses are using QR codes as a way to accept payments. If you’re a Binance user, you may be wondering how you can pay a QR code with Binance.

The first thing you’ll need to do is make sure that you have the latest version of the Binance App. Once you’ve updated the app, open it and go to the “Wallet” tab.

From here, select the “Fiat & Spot” wallet and then tap on the “Deposit” button.

NOTE: WARNING: Before attempting to pay with a QR code using Binance, make sure that you are aware of the risks associated with it. Make sure that you have enough funds in your Binance account, as well as a compatible wallet to make the payment. Be sure to double check the QR code before making any payment, and always verify the transaction before hitting send. Additionally, be aware of any fees associated with using a QR code for payment.

On the next screen, select your country and currency. For this example, we’ll use USD.

Once you’ve selected your currency, you’ll be given a list of options for how you’d like to deposit money into your account. Scroll down until you see the “Pay with QR code” option and tap on it.

You’ll now be prompted to scan the QR code that’s displayed on your screen. Use your phone’s camera to scan the code and then hit the “Confirm” button.

Enter the amount of money that you’d like to deposit and then hit the “Deposit Now” button. That’s it! You’ve now successfully deposited money into your Binance account using a QR code.

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