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How Do I Import My Bitcoin Wallet?

There are two ways to import your Bitcoin wallet into GreenAddress. The first is by using a GreenAddress-provided seed, and the second is by importing a private key.

If you have a GreenAddress-provided seed:

1) Go to and create a new wallet.
2) On the “Create a new wallet” page, select “Import Bitcoin Addresses or private keys”.
3) Enter your GreenAddress seed into the “Wallet Import Format (WIF)” box.

Leave the “Addresses to generate” box empty, and click “Import”.
4) That’s it! Your Bitcoin should now be imported into your wallet.

NOTE: WARNING: Importing a Bitcoin Wallet can be a complex and risky process. Before attempting this, make sure you understand the security implications of the specific wallet you intend to import, as well as the overall security implications of managing a cryptocurrency wallet. If you do not feel comfortable with the process, it is best to seek assistance from a knowledgeable individual or organization. Additionally, it is always important to back up any data and files associated with your wallet before attempting an import.

If you have a private key:

1) Go to https://blockchain.
3) Enter your private key into the “Wallet Import Format (WIF)” box.

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