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Has Anyone Bought a Tesla With Bitcoin?

In March 2021, Tesla announced that it would begin accepting Bitcoin as payment for its electric vehicles. This was a major move by the company, and it caused quite a stir in the cryptocurrency community.

Many people were eager to see if Tesla would actually allow customers to purchase its cars with Bitcoin.

It didn’t take long for someone to put Tesla’s new policy to the test. On March 24, a user on the Reddit forum r/TeslaBros claimed to have bought a Tesla Model 3 using Bitcoin.

NOTE: This warning is for potential buyers of Tesla vehicles using Bitcoin:

It is important to be aware that buying a Tesla with Bitcoin is not yet a widely accepted practice. Although some third-party companies may offer the service, it is not officially supported by Tesla. Additionally, buyers should be aware that the value of Bitcoins can be volatile and that they could lose money if they purchase a Tesla with Bitcoin and the value of the cryptocurrency plummets. As such, it is advisable to research thoroughly before considering buying a Tesla with Bitcoin.

The user, who goes by the name “u/nikcantpark,” said that he had used the BitPay app to process the transaction.

Tesla has not yet confirmed that this purchase actually took place. However, if it did, it would be a big win for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency adoption.

It would also be a big step forward for Tesla, which has been trying to position itself as a company at the forefront of new technology.

Whether or not this purchase actually happened, it’s clear that there is interest in using Bitcoin to buy Tesla cars. And given Tesla’s history of innovation, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the company start accepting cryptocurrency payments in the future.

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