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Does Wyoming Have a Bitcoin Bank?

Yes, Wyoming has a Bitcoin bank. The Casper-based Wyoming Blockchain Coalition is working to create the first state-chartered bank in the U.S.

that would be focused on serving the needs of cryptocurrency and blockchain businesses. The proposed bank, called Wyoming Blockchain Bank & Trust, would be a special-purpose depository institution chartered by the state of Wyoming and regulated by the Wyoming Division of Banking.

NOTE: WARNING: Bitcoin banking is not legal in Wyoming. Any businesses or individuals offering bitcoin banking services are operating without a license and may not be following applicable laws and regulations. Consumers should exercise caution when considering any bitcoin banking services in Wyoming and should always research the company or individual offering the service before engaging in any transactions.

The goal of the proposed bank is to provide a much-needed financial institution for cryptocurrency and blockchain businesses that have trouble accessing traditional banking services. Many banks are reluctant to work with businesses in the cryptocurrency space because of the perceived risks associated with it.

The hope is that by providing a regulated financial institution specifically for these businesses, it will help spur innovation and economic growth in Wyoming and beyond.

The proposed bank is still in the early stages of development, and it remains to be seen if it will ultimately be successful. However, it is an intriguing idea that could have major implications for the cryptocurrency industry if it comes to fruition.

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