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Does KFC Accept Bitcoin?

KFC may be late to the party, but the fast-food chain is finally jumping on the cryptocurrency craze by accepting Bitcoin as payment for a limited-time promotion. From now until February 21st, customers in Canada can purchase a “Bitcoin Bucket” of fried chicken using the digital currency.

The bucket will set you back $20 Canadian dollars, which is currently equivalent to about 16 US dollars or 12.50 British pounds.

This isn’t the first time that KFC has shown its affinity for all things tech-related. Last year, the chain debuted a “smart” restaurant in Shanghai that used facial recognition technology to take orders and dispense food.

And in 2015, KFC launched a “no-hands” ordering system in the UK that let customers place their orders via Twitter.

NOTE: This note is to inform readers that KFC does not currently accept Bitcoin as payment for their products or services. Until further notice, they are only accepting traditional forms of payment such as cash, credit cards, and debit cards. Any attempt to pay with Bitcoin at a KFC location will not be accepted.

So why did KFC decide to accept Bitcoin? According to a blog post on the company’s website, it wanted to give customers “a finger lickin’ good way to pay with their Bitcoin.” But there may be another reason: by accepting Bitcoin, KFC is getting free publicity as people share news of the promotion on social media.

Whether or not KFC’s Bitcoin experiment will be successful remains to be seen. For now, it’s only available in Canada, and it’s not clear if the promotion will be rolled out to other countries.

But if you happen to be in Canada and have some Bitcoin burning a hole in your digital wallet, you can now use it to buy fried chicken.

Yes, for a limited time KFC is accepting Bitcoin as payment for their “Bitcoin Bucket”. This is mostly a publicity stunt as the fast food chain tries to appeal to a younger demographic but it does show that even big corporations are starting to see the potential of cryptocurrency.

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