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Does Galaxy Digital Own Bitcoin?

As of early 2018, it is estimated that Genesis Global Trading, a digital currency trading firm founded by Peter Thiel and Bitcoin investor Mike Novogratz, had $12 million worth of bitcoin. The firm is one of the most aggressive institutional investors in digital currencies.

In December 2017, Galaxy Digital Ventures, a merchant bank founded by Mike Novogratz, raised $250 million to invest in digital assets and blockchain companies. The firm has invested in a number of bitcoin and blockchain startUPS, including BlockFi, BitGo, and Coinbase.

NOTE: This is an important question to consider when investing in cryptocurrencies. It is important to understand that Galaxy Digital does not own Bitcoin and does not directly hold any cryptocurrency. Galaxy Digital is a financial services and investment management company for the digital asset and blockchain industry, but it does not directly manage or own Bitcoin. Therefore, investing in Galaxy Digital does not necessarily mean you are investing in Bitcoin. As always, it is important to research and understand any investments before making a decision.

The answer to whether or not Galaxy Digital owns bitcoin is complicated. While the company has made significant investments in the digital currency, it is not clear how much of the firm’s overall portfolio is dedicated to bitcoin.

It is possible that Galaxy Digital owns a significant amount of bitcoin, but it is also possible that the company’s holdings are relatively small.

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