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Does Coinbase Accept Ethereum Classic?

It’s been a big week for Ethereum Classic (ETC). The coin, which is a fork of Ethereum (ETH), has seen a surge in price and trading volume after Coinbase announced that it would be adding support for the asset on its platform.

This news sent shockwaves through the cryptocurrency community, as it was unexpected given that Coinbase had previously stated that it had no plans to add ETC to its exchange.

Coinbase is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, so its listing of a new asset usually causes a major price movement. In the case of Ethereum Classic, the price of the coin surged by over 30% after the announcement.

This listing is significant for a number of reasons. Firstly, it shows that Coinbase is willing to change its mind on assets that it had previously ruled out.

NOTE: WARNING: Coinbase does not currently accept Ethereum Classic (ETC) as a payment method. Attempting to send ETC to Coinbase could result in the loss of funds. Do not attempt to purchase, sell, or transfer ETC using Coinbase.

This could mean that other assets that are currently not supported, such as Ripple (XRP), could eventually be added in the future. Secondly, it also provides more legitimacy to Ethereum Classic, which has often been overshadowed by Ethereum in terms of development and community support.

With this listing on Coinbase, Ethereum Classic is now much more accessible to mainstream investors and should see an influx of new users and capital. It remains to be seen how this will affect the price of ETC in the long term, but for now, it looks like things are off to a good start.

Yes, Coinbase does accept Ethereum Classic (ETC) on its platform. This was announced recently and caused a surge in price and trading volume for the coin.

This listing is significant as it provides more legitimacy to Ethereum Classic and makes it more accessible to mainstream investors.

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