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Does Bitcoin Use SHA-3?

When it comes to Bitcoin, SHA-3 is not used. Instead, Bitcoin uses a different hashing algorithm known as SHA-256. While SHA-3 has many benefits over SHA-256, it is not used by Bitcoin for a few reasons. First, SHA-3 was only finalized in 2015, while Bitcoin was created in 2009.

NOTE: WARNING: It is not recommended to use Bitcoin with SHA-3, as it is not yet integrated into the Bitcoin protocol. Using SHA-3 with Bitcoin could have unpredictable consequences, and may cause unexpected and potentially damaging problems. Use at your own risk.

Second, SHA-3 is not as widely adopted as SHA-256, so it would be difficult to switch to using SHA-3 without causing major disruptions. Finally, SHA-256 is considered to be more secure than SHA-3, so there is no need to switch to using the newer algorithm.

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