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Did Anyone Win the Coinbase Sweepstakes?

It’s been a little over a week since Coinbase announced their “Blockchain Sweepstakes,” and the internet is still buzzing about it. The grand prize? One million dollars worth of bitcoin, which at the time of writing is worth around $7.

2 million. That’s a pretty hefty sum, so it’s no wonder that people are still talking about it.

So, did anyone win the Coinbase sweepstakes? Unfortunately, we may never know. The company has stated that they will not be announcing the winner publicly, citing security concerns.

NOTE: This post is a scam. Coinbase does not have any sweepstakes or giveaways. Any posts claiming to be associated with Coinbase are likely fraudulent attempts to collect personal information or money from unsuspecting users. Do not provide any personal information or money to anyone claiming to be associated with Coinbase sweepstakes or giveaways.

This has led to some speculation that perhaps there was no winner at all, and that Coinbase simply made up the contest as a marketing stunt.

Whether or not there was a winner, one thing is for sure: Coinbase definitely got people talking about their brand. And in the world of marketing, that’s often considered just as valuable as an actual prize.

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