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Can You Use Credit Card on Coinbase?

It’s no secret that Coinbase is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. In fact, it’s often the first exchange that newbies to the space use. But can you buy crypto on Coinbase with a credit card?

The short answer is yes, but there are a few things to know before using this method. First, Coinbase does charge fees for credit card purchases.

The fee is 3.99%, which is on the high side compared to other exchanges.

Second, your credit card company may also charge a cash advance fee. This fee is usually around 5%, but it can vary depending on your issuer.

NOTE: Warning: Using a credit card on Coinbase can be a risky endeavor. Credit cards typically charge high fees for cryptocurrency purchases, and Coinbase may impose additional fees for using a credit card. Additionally, as with all cryptocurrency purchases, there is the potential of fraud and theft. Before using a credit card on Coinbase, make sure you understand the associated risks and fees.

So make sure to check with them before making a purchase.

Finally, remember that buying cryptocurrency with a credit card is considered a cash advance. This means that interest will accrue from the moment of purchase.

So if you plan on holding your crypto for an extended period of time, it’s best to use another method like bank transfer or debit card.

Overall, using a credit card on Coinbase is possible, but it’s not the best option due to high fees and potential cash advance charges from your issuer. If you’re looking to buy crypto, we recommend using a different method like bank transfer or debit card.

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