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Can You Still Mine Ethereum After EIP 1559?

As of late, Ethereum has been in the news a lot due to the impending launch of EIP 1559. This upgrade to the network is set to change the way that transaction fees are calculated, and has caused a lot of debate within the community.

Some people are in favor of the change, while others believe that it will make it harder to mine ETH in the future. So, can you still mine Ethereum after EIP 1559?.

The short answer is yes, you can still mine Ethereum after EIP 1559. The long answer is a bit more complicated. The reason that there is so much debate surrounding EIP 1559 is because it will change the way that transaction fees are calculated.

Currently, transaction fees on Ethereum are based on the gas used by a transaction. However, with EIP 1559, transaction fees will be based on the value of the transaction.

NOTE: WARNING: Mining Ethereum after EIP 1559 is highly risky and may not be profitable. The EIP 1559 update will introduce a fee market that could reduce miner rewards, resulting in decreased profitability. Additionally, the upgrade may reduce transaction confirmation times and increase network throughput, but it is not clear whether this will impact the network’s difficulty. Therefore, it is recommended to research all potential impacts carefully before attempting to mine Ethereum after EIP 1559.

This change will likely have a big impact on miners, as they will no longer be able to simply choose which transactions to include in a block based on gas usage. Instead, they will need to take into account the value of each transaction.

This could lead to miners selecting only high-value transactions, which could make it harder for smaller transactions to get included in blocks.

However, it’s important to remember that miners are not the only ones who use Ethereum. There are also a lot of users who simply want to use ETH for transactions or smart contracts.

These users are not going to be impacted by the changes in mining rewards, and they will still need ETH even after EIP 1559 goes into effect. So, while there may be some short-term disruptions caused by the change, Ethereum should still be around for the long haul.

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