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Can You Buy BSC on Coinbase?

As of right now, you cannot buy BSC directly on Coinbase. However, there are a few indirect ways that you can do so.

The first way is to buy another cryptocurrency that is listed on Coinbase, and then use that currency to buy BSC on another exchange. For example, you could buy Ethereum on Coinbase, and then use that Ethereum to buy BSC on Binance.

NOTE: WARNING: Coinbase does not currently offer buying or selling of BSC (Binance Smart Chain) tokens. As such, it is not possible to buy BSC on Coinbase. Attempting to do so may result in financial losses, as well as potential legal and/or regulatory consequences.

The second way is to first buy Bitcoin on Coinbase, and then use that Bitcoin to buy BSC on an exchange like Binance.

The third way is to use a service like Changelly or Shapeshift, which will allow you to directly convert your fiat currency into BSC.

So while you cannot currently buy BSC directly on Coinbase, there are a few ways that you can indirectly do so.

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