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Can I Buy WOZX on Coinbase?

WOZX is the native token of the Oxford-based fintech company, Open Galaxy. The firm is currently in the process of launching a digital asset exchange, and has been backed by some big names in the industry, including Galaxy Digital, a cryptocurrency merchant bank founded by Mike Novogratz.

As WOZX is the native token of Open Galaxy’s ecosystem, it will be used to power all transactions on the upcoming exchange. In addition, holders of the token will be able to benefit from discounts and rewards when using the platform.

NOTE: Warning: Coinbase does not currently offer the purchase of WOZX tokens. If you are presented with an opportunity to buy WOZX on Coinbase, it is likely fraudulent. Investing in cryptocurrency carries significant risk and should always be done with caution.

At present, Open Galaxy is running a private sale of WOZX tokens, with a public sale set to take place later this year. However, it is not yet possible to buy WOZX on Coinbase.

This is because Coinbase does not list any assets that are not yet traded on a public exchange.

Once the Open Galaxy exchange launches and WOZX starts trading on it, it is likely that Coinbase will add the token to its platform. Until then, those interested in buying WOZX will need to wait patiently or look for another exchange that lists the token.

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