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Are There Ethereum ATM?

Yes, Ethereum ATMs do exist. However, they are not as widely available as Bitcoin ATMs. There are a handful of Ethereum ATMs in operation around the world, mostly in Europe and North America.

The first Ethereum ATM was installed in Toronto in 2016. As of June 2018, there were about 30 Ethereum ATMs in operation globally.

NOTE: Warning: Ethereum ATMs are not yet widely available and have limited locations. You should always research the ATM you plan to use and make sure it is a legitimate machine. Additionally, do not send any Ethereum to the ATM before you have confirmed the address on the machine matches with the one given to you by your wallet provider.

Ethereum ATMs work in a similar way to Bitcoin ATMs. Users can insert cash into the machine and receive Ethereum in exchange.

Some Ethereum ATMs also allow users to exchange their Ethereum for cash. The fees for using an Ethereum ATM are generally higher than those for using a Bitcoin ATM, due to the increased costs of running an Ethereum-based machine.

The availability of Ethereum ATMs is likely to increase in the coming years, as the popularity of the cryptocurrency grows. However, it is unlikely that they will ever match the widespread availability of Bitcoin ATMs.

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