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Will Coinbase Support Raptoreum?

Coinbase, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States, recently announced that it will be adding five new digital assets to its platform. One of those assets is Raptoreum (RTM), a decentralized cryptocurrency that is focused on privacy and security.

This news has led many to wonder if Coinbase will eventually support RTM.

NOTE: This is a warning to all users: Coinbase does not currently support Raptoreum and has not made any public announcements about plans to do so in the future. Please be aware that any claims that Coinbase will support Raptoreum are false and should be treated with caution. Attempting to purchase or use Raptoreum on Coinbase may result in the loss of funds, so please exercise extreme caution if considering this action.

Raptoreum is a relatively new cryptocurrency, having only launched in January of this year. However, it has already gained a significant following among privacy-focused investors and has even been endorsed by John McAfee, one of the most well-known names in the cryptocurrency space.

Given Coinbase’s recent track record of adding new assets to its platform, it seems likely that the exchange will eventually support RTM. However, there is no guarantee that this will happen anytime soon.

For now, investors who want to purchase RTM will need to do so through another exchange.

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