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Will Coinbase Support Lightning Network?

As the Lightning Network continues to grow, more and more people are wondering if Coinbase will eventually support it. While there is no official word from Coinbase yet, there are some indications that they may eventually support Lightning Network.

The Lightning Network is a second layer solution that allows for near-instant, low-fee transactions. It is built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain and is designed to improve the scalability of the Bitcoin network.

The Lightning Network has been growing steadily since its launch in early 2018 and is now used by thousands of people around the world.

One of the main reasons why people are wondering if Coinbase will support Lightning Network is because they have already shown interest in the technology. In March 2018, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong tweeted about the Lightning Network and how impressed he was with it.

NOTE: This is a reminder that Coinbase does not currently support Lightning Network. While the company may consider supporting the technology in the future, there is no guarantee that it will do so. Therefore, any investments or decisions made with the assumption that Coinbase will eventually support the Lightning Network could be risky and should be made with caution.

Additionally, Coinbase has been hiring developers who have experience with the Lightning Network. This suggests that Coinbase is at least interested in the technology and may be planning to support it in the future.

Another reason why people think Coinbase may eventually support Lightning Network is because they have already started supporting other similar technologies. For example, Coinbase recently added support for Ethereum’s Raiden Network, which is also a second layer solution designed to improve scalability.

This shows that Coinbase is willing to support new technologies that can help improve Bitcoin’s scalability issue.

It’s still too early to say for sure if Coinbase will eventually support Lightning Network or not. However, the signs are certainly pointing in that direction.

If Coinbase does eventually add support for Lightning Network, it would be a big boost for the technology and could help accelerate its adoption even further.

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