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Will Coinbase Support Frontier?

As the world’s largest bitcoin exchange and wallet provider, Coinbase has been a vocal supporter of the bitcoin community since its inception. In fact, Coinbase was one of the first companies to offer a bitcoin wallet and exchange in the US.

Now, with the release of Ethereum’s Frontier network, Coinbase has once again shown its support for the cryptocurrency community by offering an Ether (ETH) wallet on its platform. This move is significant because it shows that Coinbase is committed to supporting emerging cryptocurrencies and giving users the ability to easily and securely store and trade them.

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In addition to offering an ETH wallet, Coinbase is also working on integrating Frontier’s smart contract functionality into its platform. This would allow users to easily create and execute smart contracts on the Ethereum network.

While there is no official word from Coinbase on whether or not it will support Frontier, the fact that it is already offering an ETH wallet and working on integrating Frontier’s smart contract functionality suggests that it is likely that Coinbase will eventually support Frontier.

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