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Will Coinbase Add More Coins?

As one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbase has been a driving force in mainstream adoption of digital assets. Founded in 2012, Coinbase allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other major cryptocurrencies.

The exchange is also one of the most regulated in the space, with licenses in 37 US states and territories.

With its user-friendly platform and accessible entry point, Coinbase has been a go-to choice for first-time crypto buyers. The exchange has also been proactive in listing new coins and tokens, often among the first to offer trading for major projects.

So far in 2018, Coinbase has added support for 5 new assets: Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, 0x, Basic Attention Token and Zcash. That’s on top of the 3 new coins listed in 2017 (Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic and Litecoin).

This steady stream of new additions has helped Coinbase maintain its position as a top exchange.

NOTE: WARNING: Coinbase has not officially confirmed any plans to add more coins to the platform. Any speculation regarding Coinbase adding additional coins should be taken with a grain of salt, and investors should not make any decisions based on such speculation. Investing in cryptocurrency carries a high degree of risk and investors should always do their own research before investing.

Looking ahead, it’s likely that Coinbase will continue to add new coins and tokens to its platform. This move would be in line with the company’s stated goal of becoming “the easiest place to buy crypto”.

With over 25 million users already on board, adding more assets is a logical way to attract even more customers and grow the business.

It’s also worth noting that Coinbase has recently launched a new product called Coinbase Custody. This service is aimed at institutional investors and requires a minimum investment of $10 million.

As part of this offering, Coinbase plans to add support for 90% of all crypto assets by 2019. This shows that the company is serious about expanding its offerings beyond the most popular coins.

In conclusion, it’s highly likely that Coinbase will add more coins to its platform in the near future. With a stated goal of becoming the easiest place to buy crypto and a recent push into institutional investing, adding more assets is a logical next step for the company.

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