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Why Is My Total Balance and Available Balance Different Binance?

There are a few reasons why your total balance and available balance might be different on Binance. One reason is that you might have made a deposit but it hasn’t been processed yet. Deposits can sometimes take a few minutes to an hour to show up in your account. Another reason could be that you have made a trade but the trade hasn’t been executed yet. Trades can take a few seconds to a few minutes to go through.

NOTE: WARNING: It is important to note that your Total Balance and Available Balance within Binance may be different. This is because your Total Balance includes funds that are currently held in orders you have placed on the exchange, while your Available Balance only includes funds that are available to use without any outstanding orders. If you have placed buy or sell orders on the exchange, this difference between these two balances can become significant. As such, it is important to keep a close eye on both of these balances when trading on Binance.

Finally, there could be a small difference due to the fact that Binance holds a small amount of every currency in order to cover network fees. This is called the “Binance Reserve”. The Binance Reserve is not included in your available balance but is included in your total balance. In conclusion, the difference between your total balance and available balance on Binance can be due to deposits, trades, or the Binance Reserve.

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