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Why Is Ethereum Burning Coins?

Ethereum is set to burn over 3 million ETH this year, worth over $1 billion at current prices. This is part of the Ethereum Foundation’s plan to reduce inflation and make the cryptocurrency more scarce.

The move has been criticized by some as a way to centralize power within the Ethereum Foundation, but others see it as a necessary step to keeping Ethereum valuable in the long-term.

Ethereum’s inflation rate is currently around 4%, which is higher than most other cryptocurrencies. The Foundation plans to reduce this to 2% by burning ETH.

The move will also help to reduce the supply of ETH, which should in theory help to increase prices. It’s worth noting that Ethereum’s price has already increased significantly this year, so it’s possible that the move may not have as big of an impact as some anticipate.

In any case, it’s clear that the Ethereum Foundation is committed to making Ethereum more valuable in the long run. Whether or not this move is successful remains to be seen, but it’s certainly a bold move that could pay off in the future.

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