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Who Is Coinbase Biggest Competitor?

As the largest U.S. based cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase has faced a lot of competition since its inception in 2012. Early on, its main competitor was Mt.

Gox, which was the leading exchange at the time. However, Mt. Gox was plagued by hackings and scams, and eventually went bankrupt. Coinbase then became the dominant exchange, but has since faced competition from other exchanges such as Kraken and Binance.

NOTE: This question should be approached with caution as Coinbase is a large and well-established cryptocurrency exchange. The answer to this question could be subjective and may depend on the individual’s experience, as well as the country or region they are located in. Additionally, it is important to be aware that the cryptocurrency industry is constantly evolving, so the answer is likely to change over time.

Coinbase has also faced competition from traditional financial institutions such as banks and brokerages, which have been slowly getting into the cryptocurrency space. For example, Goldman Sachs recently announced that it would be setting up a cryptocurrency trading desk, and Fidelity Investments has launched a cryptocurrency custody service.

So who is Coinbase’s biggest competitor? It depends on what you mean by “biggest.” If you mean by trading volume, then it is probably Binance or Kraken.

If you mean by number of users, then it is probably Robinhood or Square’s Cash App. And if you mean by traditional financial institutions getting into the space, then it is probably Goldman Sachs or Fidelity Investments.

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