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Where Do I Report Coinbase Phishing Emails?

If you receive a phishing email purporting to be from Coinbase, report it to us immediately. You can forward the email to abuse@coinbase.

com. Please also report it to the company, institution, or service that the email claims to be from.

Coinbase will never ask for your password, 2-factor authentication code, or private key in an email. If you receive an email asking for any of these things, do not respond and do not click any links in the email.

Coinbase will never send you an attachment to open. If you receive an email with an attachment purporting to be from Coinbase, do not open it.

NOTE: WARNING: Phishing emails may appear to be from a legitimate source and attempt to acquire sensitive personal information, such as your Coinbase login credentials. Exercise caution when opening emails or clicking links in emails that appear to be from Coinbase. Do not enter any personal information on websites that are not verified Coinbase websites. If you receive a phishing email from what appears to be Coinbase, report it immediately to Coinbase security at [email protected].

Coinbase will never ask you to enter personal information on a website that does not have “” in the URL.

If you receive an email that takes you to a website that looks like Coinbase but has a different URL, do not enter any personal information on that website.

If you believe you have been the victim of a phishing attack or your account has been compromised, please change your password and enable 2-factor authentication immediately. You can find more information about how to do this here: https://support.

Phishing attacks are becoming increasingly common as scammers try to take advantage of unsuspecting victims. By following the steps above, you can help protect yourself from becoming a victim of one of these attacks.

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