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What Is Referral ID in Binance Us?

Binance US is a digital asset marketplace, powered by an industry-leading technology platform. It is designed to offer users a secure and efficient way to buy, sell, and store digital assets.

The Referral ID in Binance US is a unique code that is assigned to each user. This code can be used to refer friends and family to the platform.

When a user signs up for a Binance US account using a Referral ID, they will receive a discount on trading fees.

Referral IDs can be found in the referral section of the Binance US website. To find yourReferral ID, simply log in to your account and click on the “Referral” tab.

Your Referral ID will be displayed on this page, along with your referral link.

The Referral ID in Binance US is a great way to save on trading fees and earn rewards. So if you know someone who is looking to trade digital assets, be sure to share your Referral ID with them!.

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