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What Is Compound Answers Coinbase?

A compound answer is a type of response to a question that provides more than one answer. The answers may be related or unrelated, but they all address the question asked.

A compound answer may be appropriate when the question is open-ended and allows for multiple responses, or when the question specifically asks for more than one answer. For example, a teacher might ask a student to list three reasons why the American Revolution began.

In this case, a compound answer would be an appropriate response. .

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In contrast, a simple answer would provide only one response to the question. So, if the same teacher asked the student to list the most important reason why the American Revolution began, a simple answer would be more appropriate.

The key to giving a good compound answer is to make sure that all of the responses are relevant to the question asked. Each response should add something new and interesting, without repeating information that has already been given.

When in doubt, it is always best to ask the person who posed the question what type of answer they are looking for: simple or compound.

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