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What Does on Waitlist Mean Coinbase?

What Does it Mean to be Waitlisted on Coinbase?

If you’re hoping to use Coinbase to buy, sell, or store cryptocurrencies, you may have found yourself waitlisted. So, what does it mean to be waitlisted on Coinbase, and is there anything you can do about it?

When Coinbase first launched in 2012, it was one of the only exchanges available for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. As such, there was a huge demand for accounts.

NOTE: This warning note is to inform you that waiting on a waitlist for Coinbase can be a risky endeavor. Coinbase waitlists are not always reliable and customers can often find themselves being removed from the list without explanation. Additionally, Coinbase does not guarantee that customers will be approved for an account, even after being on the waitlist. Therefore, it is important to understand that there is no guarantee of approval when you join a Coinbase waitlist.

In order to manage this demand, Coinbase decided to start waitlisting new users.

This meant that if you wanted to create a new account on Coinbase, you would first need to sign up for the waitlist. Once your name reached the top of the list, you would then be able to create an account and start trading.

The good news is that the waitlist is no longer necessary. Due to the influx of new exchanges and the overall growth of the cryptocurrency industry, Coinbase is now able to accommodate all new users without needing to put them on a waitlist.

So, if you’re currently on the Coinbase waitlist, don’t worry! Your turn will come eventually and you’ll be able to trade just like everyone else. And if you’re not on the list yet, there’s no need to sign up – just go ahead and create your account today.

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