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The team and community are looking forward to expanding the adoption of XMV as a privacy cryptocurrency and blockchain project. You can take part by suggesting improvements, mining, spreading the word or by implementing the MonerovWP plugin into your website.

MoneroV network peer connection upgrade

A major update has been made to the way the MoneroV daemon connection network operates. Up until the December the 7th, peers in the MoneroV blockchain used to receive blocks from other peers and determine whether they are usable or not (ie if the sending peer yielded suitable blocks that can be added to the blockchain). From December the 7th onwards, the above check will include a method that not only verifies the sending peer’s latest hash but prevalidates a hash of hashes of all latest blocks.

In case the hash of hashes is invalid the peer connection will be dropped and the abusing peer will get disconnected from all other nodes in the network. This will significantly improve the peer connection overflow in the MoneroV network and we advise to update to the latest daemon.

Safe sync mode & trusted/untrusted daemons

The MoneroV daemon was updated to include two improvements that should make using MoneroV even more secure than it already is: An option for trusted and untrusted connections and an improvement to the unsafe mode. Users can now specify whether they want to trust a third party connection such as a remote node service. Using the default untrusted method is particularly useful for users who use the Tor network to access their favorite MoneroV nodes and Onion based services as MoneroV will automatically obfuscate data sent to these node services.

In addition, an improvement to the Cryptonote protocol was included in which switching to unsafe mode will only occur after a static number of blocks currently set to five.


Additional upgrades:

  • The MoneroV RPC crashing on open wallet bug was fixed.
  • Default logging and old logic were removed.
  • Transaction numbers and block size information were added to the daemon and can be queried by the RPC wallet.
  • New unit tests were added.


Join the MoneroV Team!

We are looking for talented individuals to join the expanding MoneroV team including:

  • C++ developer with at least two years of Qt experience and experience with blockchain protocols. Full or part-time work opportunity to work on the MoneroV GUI.
  • Community and outreach manager with proven knowledge working on a CryptoNote / Privacy based blockchain project. Help expand social media reach, outreach campaigns and be in charge of 3rd party merchant integration (to include XMV)  from start to finish.


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