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Is Dogelon Mars Listed on Binance?

As of September 25, 2020, Dogelon Mars (ELON) is not listed on Binance. However, Binance does list some other Elon Musk-related cryptocurrencies, including Dogecoin (DOGE) and Marscoin (MARS).

Dogelon Mars is a cryptocurrency that was created as a parody of Dogecoin and named after Elon Musk. It has a similar logo to Dogecoin, but with a Martian twist.

NOTE: WARNING: Do not invest in Dogelon Mars (DLM) before verifying its legitimacy and that it is listed on Binance. DLM has not been officially listed on Binance and any claims to the contrary should be taken with caution. Investing in unverified digital assets poses a high risk of loss and you should always research and understand the digital asset before investing.

The currency was created in 2014 and is currently ranked 1,128th on CoinMarketCap with a market capitalization of $4.4 million.

While Dogelon Mars is not currently listed on Binance, that doesn’t mean it never will be. Binance is one of the largest and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, so listing on the exchange would give the currency a lot more exposure.

If you’re interested in buying or trading Dogelon Mars, you can do so on a variety of smaller exchanges, such as Mercatox and Livecoin.

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