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Is Chiliz Going on Coinbase?

It’s been a big year for Chiliz (CHZ), the native token of the platform. The token has seen a price increase of over 1,000% since January, and is currently trading at around $0.30.

This price surge has been driven by the increasing adoption of the platform, which allows fans to vote on club decisions and buy exclusive merchandise using CHZ.

With the platform now live with some of the biggest football clubs in the world, including FC Barcelona, Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain, there is a lot of potential for further growth. This has led to speculation that Chiliz could be added to Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

So, is Chiliz going on Coinbase? Let’s take a look at the evidence.

There have been a few instances where Coinbase has listed a token before it was officially announced. For example, in March 2018, it was revealed that Coinbase had listed Basic Attention Token (BAT) a few days before it was officially announced.

This led to many people believing that Coinbase had an ‘insider’ at BAT project.

NOTE: WARNING: Is Chiliz Going on Coinbase? is a speculative topic and should not be taken as investment advice. There is no guarantee that Chiliz will be listed on Coinbase, or that if it is listed, that it will be profitable. Investing in cryptocurrencies involves substantial risk and you should do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

Similarly, in November 2019, it was revealed that Coinbase had listed XRP a few days before it was officially announced. Again, this led to speculation that Coinbase had an ‘insider’ at Ripple.

However, in both cases, Coinbase denied having any inside information and claimed that they had simply listed the tokens early because they were confident that they would be approved by regulators.

This time around though, there is actual evidence to suggest that Coinbase does have inside information about Chiliz being added to the exchange. In February 2020, Chiliz CEO Alexandre Dreyfus tweeted that he had met with Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase.

While this meeting could have been about anything, it seems likely that they would have discussed the possibility of listing CHZ on Coinbase given the recent success of the Socios.

Furthermore, just a few days after this meeting took place, Chiliz announced that it had partnered with Binance – another major cryptocurrency exchange. This partnership is significant because Binance is one of the few exchanges that allows users to buy CHZ with fiat currency (USD).

Given that Coinbase also allows users to buy cryptocurrencies with USD, it’s likely that they would want to list CHZ as well so as not to lose out on this market.

So, all signs point to Chiliz being added to Coinbase in the near future. This would be a huge boost for the project and would no doubt lead to even more growth for CHZ in 2020.

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