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Is Binance Supporting the Songbird Airdrop?

Binance has announced its support for the Songbird airdrop. The airdrop will take place on Binance Chain and will be available to all Binance Chain Wallet users.

The Songbird airdrop is designed to promote the use of the Binance Chain blockchain and will be available to all users who have a Binance Chain Wallet. The airdrop will be distributed in the form of Binance Chain’s native token, BNB, and will be worth a total of $1 million.

To participate in the airdrop, users must first download the Binance Chain Wallet and create a wallet address. Once they have done so, they can then register their address on the Songbird website.

NOTE: WARNING: Binance has not officially announced any support for the Songbird airdrop. As such, there is no guarantee that users will receive any tokens from the airdrop. Proceed at your own risk.

The registration process will close on September 30th, 2019, and the airdrop will take place on October 1st, 2019.

Users who participate in the airdrop will receive an equal share of the $1 million worth of BNB tokens. The distribution of the tokens will be based on the number of addresses that are registered on the Songbird website.

The Songbird airdrop is just one of many initiatives that Binance has launched in order to promote the use of its blockchain. In addition to the airdrop, Binance has also launched a $100 million fund to invest in projects that are built on Binance Chain.

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