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How Much Bitcoin Does OBTC Own?

As the Bitcoin network grows and becomes more widely adopted, there are more and more opportunities for companies to invest in Bitcoin. One such company is OBTC, a leading provider of Bitcoin storage and security solutions.

OBTC is one of the largest holders of Bitcoin, with a reported 5% of all Bitcoin in existence.

This means that OBTC owns approximately 5% of all the Bitcoin that will ever be mined. That’s a huge amount of Bitcoin, and it gives OBTC a lot of influence over the future of Bitcoin.

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OBTC’s large holdings also make it a very attractive Target for hackers. In 2014, OBTC was hacked and over $5 million worth of Bitcoin was stolen.

The hack was a major setback for the company, but it has since rebounded and is now stronger than ever.

Despite the risks, it’s clear that OBTC is committed to holding onto its large stash of Bitcoin. With prices rising and more and more people interested in Bitcoin, it’s likely that OBTC’s holdings will only grow in value.

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