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How Many Percent Does RockItCoin Bitcoin ATM Charge?

RockItCoin is one of the largest Bitcoin ATM providers in the United States. As of early 2018, they operated over 700 machines nationwide.

Their ATM network includes locations in all 50 states.

RockItCoin charges a 6% fee on all transactions. This is higher than the average fee charged by other Bitcoin ATM providers.

However, RockItCoin offers a number of features and benefits that make their higher fees worth it for many customers.

Some of the features that RockItCoin offers include:

– 24/7 customer support

– A user-friendly interface

– Fast transactions

– A large network of ATMs

For many customers, the benefits of using RockItCoin outweigh the higher fees. The company has a good reputation and offers a service that is convenient and easy to use.

NOTE: WARNING: RockItCoin Bitcoin ATM charges may vary depending on the amount of Bitcoin you buy or sell. Before using any RockItCoin ATMs, please make sure to verify the fees associated with your transaction. It is also important to note that fees are subject to change without notice and that RockItCoin is not responsible for any fees charged by third-party Bitcoin exchanges.

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