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How Do I Get Google Authenticator Key for Coinbase?

If you’re a Coinbase user, you may have noticed the new Google Authenticator key now appearing in your account settings. This is part of our continuing effort to make your account more secure, and we recommend that all users enable this feature.

In order to enable the Google Authenticator key for your Coinbase account, simply follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Coinbase account and navigate to the ‘Security’ tab.

2. Scroll down to the ‘Two-Factor Authentication’ section and click on the ‘Enable’ button next to Google Authenticator.

3. A pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm that you want to enable this feature.

Click ‘Yes, Enable Two-Factor Authentication’ to continue.

4. You will then be prompted to scan a QR code using the Google Authenticator app on your mobile device.

Once you’ve done this, you will be given a six-digit code which you will need to enter into the ‘Verification Code’ field on the Coinbase website.

NOTE: WARNING: Google Authenticator is not officially supported by Coinbase and using it may put your account at risk. It is not recommended that you use it for security purposes. If you decide to use Google Authenticator with Coinbase, be sure to follow all the instructions provided carefully and double check the key generated by Google Authenticator with Coinbase before proceeding.

5. Click ‘Enable Two-Factor Authentication’ to complete the process.

Once you have enabled the Google Authenticator key for your Coinbase account, you will be required to enter this six-digit code whenever you log in or confirm a transaction. This provides an additional layer of security for your account, as it means that even if someone knows your password, they will not be able to access your account without also having access to your mobile device.

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