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How Do I Get FTM From Ethereum to Fantom?

There are a few ways to get FTM from Ethereum to Fantom. One way is to use a decentralized exchange like Uniswap.

Another way is to use a cryptocurrency exchange like Binance.

If you use Uniswap, you will need to have some ETH in your wallet to pay for gas fees. To start, you will need to go to the Uniswap website and connect your Ethereum wallet.

NOTE: WARNING: Before attempting to transfer FTM from Ethereum to Fantom, it is important to understand that the two networks are not interoperable. As such, you will need to use a third-party service (such as an exchange) in order to complete the transfer. Additionally, please be aware that there may be associated fees and risks with this process. It is recommended that you research these potential costs and risks thoroughly before initiating any transactions.

Then, you will search for the FTM/ETH pair and select it.

Next, you will need to enter how much FTM you want to buy and confirm the transaction. Once it is confirmed, the ETH will be transferred from your wallet to the Uniswap contract and you will receive your FTM in return.

If you use Binance, you will need to create an account and deposit ETH into your account. Once your ETH is deposited, you can go to the trading page and search for the FTM/ETH pair.

Then, you can enter how much FTM you want to buy and place an order. Your ETH will be used to buy FTM and it will be deposited into your Binance account.

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