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How Do I Cash Out XRP on Coinbase?

It’s easy to cash out XRP on Coinbase! Just follow these simple steps:

1. Log in to your Coinbase account and select the “Send/Receive” tab.

2. Enter the amount of XRP you want to cash out in the “Send” field.

3. Enter your recipient’s wallet address in the “To” field.

4. Click “Send” to initiate the transaction.

Your XRP will be sent to your recipient’s wallet within a few minutes!.

NOTE: WARNING: Before cashing out XRP on Coinbase, make sure you have already verified your identity with Coinbase. If you have not, your transaction will be declined. Additionally, if you are transferring XRP from an external wallet into Coinbase, be sure to double-check the wallet address before sending the funds. Sending XRP to an incorrect address may result in the permanent loss of your funds.

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