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How Do I Avoid Fees on Coinbase?

There are a few ways to avoid fees on Coinbase. The first way is to use a bank account or wire transfer to fund your account. This will allow you to avoid the 3.99% fee that Coinbase charges for credit and debit cards.

The second way is to buy cryptocurrency with another exchange that doesn’t have as high of fees. Once you have purchased cryptocurrency elsewhere, you can then send it to your Coinbase account and avoid the fees altogether.

The third way, and probably the easiest way to avoid fees on Coinbase, is to simply use their GDAX platform. GDAX is Coinbase’s exchange platform and doesn’t have any trading fees if you use a limit order. A limit order is when you specify the price you want to buy or sell at and the amount. If you use a market order, which is when you just buy or sell at the current market price, there is a 0.

25% fee. So, if you want to completely avoid fees on Coinbase, make sure to use a limit order on GDAX.

In conclusion, there are a few ways that you can avoid fees on Coinbase. You can either use a bank account or wire transfer to fund your account, buy cryptocurrency on another exchange, or use GDAX with a limit order.

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