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Does Dapper Labs Run on Ethereum?

Dapper Labs, the company behind popular blockchain game CryptoKitties, is built on Ethereum. The game, which allows players to trade and breed digital cats, achieved widespread popularity in December 2017, when it became the first blockchain game to gain mainstream attention.

NOTE: WARNING: Dapper Labs does not exclusively run on Ethereum. While it does use Ethereum’s blockchain technology, it also utilizes other technologies such as IPFS or EOS. Therefore, it is important to understand the full scope of Dapper Labs’ operations before investing or engaging in any transactions.

Since then, Dapper Labs has released a number of other games and applications, all of which run on Ethereum. The company has also developed an Ethereum-based scaling solution called Flow, which is designed to help Ethereum scale to support more users and applications.

flow is designed to help ethereum scale to support more users and applications. While dapper labs may have started on ethereum, they are not limited to it.

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